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Vancouver, BC

Nattypat Crochet specializes in crochet patterns of amigurumi that are quick to make, realistically shaped, and lovingly designed to mimic nature’s cutest critters.


Apps for Techie Yarnies

Nattypat Crochet

Sometimes it’s really hard to turn away from the various social networks out there. Liking, tweeting, pinning and favoriting, there are so many digital ways to discover content and share our daily lives and passions that it can be hard to remember to take pleasure in the things in the here and now. Sometimes we forget to stop researching and sharing, and fail to take time to craft and enjoy the process of making. The solution is not to turn completely away from our technologies—I would never say social media isn’t an amazing tool for creatives—but to use them as our crafty guides. And if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, there’s an app, or two, for that…


A digital pinboard where you can “pin” images and links of anything that inspires you online, create themed pinboards and like pins from other users to visually share what catches your crafting fancy. One of the fastest growing social networks online and an absolutely fabulous place to find crochet inspiration and discover free patterns. Check out the Nattypat Crochet pinboards.  

Red Heart

Browse and view free Red Heart patterns according to skill level, project category, who it’s for, language and thread projects only. Also search available Red Heart products, watch Red Heart videos, read blog articles and more. It’s my favourite corporate yarnie app.  

Lion Brand

Lion Brand’s app has a slightly less intuitive interface than Red Heart’s, but it’s good nonetheless. Search Lion Brand’s patterns by intended recipient, size, project type and Lion Brand yarns, and watch videos.  


If you like to crochet away from the comfort of your living room or you are frequently interrupted, get row and repeat counting help from this handly little app. With an extremely simple interface to count rows completed, pattern rows, pattern repeats and increase rows per project, it’ll keep you on track no matter how chaotic your crochet time is.  


Patterns on the corporate sites not doing it for you? Prefer to shop indie? Try Etsy, the world’s largest online marketplace for handmade goods. Download the Etsy app and browse the work of independent crochet pattern designers, fibre artists and woolen mills. It has a beautiful interface and allows in-app PayPal purchases.  


If I have to explain how wonderful twitter is—how it connects crafters across continents through short messages and media sharing— I can’t help you. Follow Nattypat.  

PDF Expert 

Printing patterns seems like such as waste so I prefer to read my patterns on iPad. PDF Expert is the best app for viewing PDF patterns out there. Categorize your patterns in folders, annotate or digitally scribble notes on the PDFs (can be removed later) and highlight important bits as you go. *iPad only.  


Need crochet help on the go when no expert’s around? Consult the countless crochet video tutorials available on YouTube right from your smartphone. Just be careful to not use too much of your data plan if you’re out of wifi range. Watch some Nattypat video tutorials.

Read the follow-up Blog(sp) post, +More Apps for Techie Yarnies.

Happy crocheting— keep that device charger handy :).
*Note: I am not affiliated with any of the apps selected in any way.



    ♥ Natalie of Nattypat Crochet



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