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Vancouver, BC

Nattypat Crochet specializes in crochet patterns of amigurumi that are quick to make, realistically shaped, and lovingly designed to mimic nature’s cutest critters.

Keep Calm & Don't Deadline Yarn


Keep Calm & Don't Deadline Yarn

Nattypat Crochet

With each holiday season I usually go a little yarn crazy.

Gotta run to the yarn shop to get this and that to make all those last-minute requests from friends and family. It's typically quite stressful, finger numbing, yarn ball tangling, even expensive. And yet, reflecting on this past holiday season, this didn't happen this year. Well, let me me rephrase that... It did but there was a BUT.

This year, despite the requests, I reminded myself of why I crochet at all—for the joy of it. It's not about pleasing others, although that\'s often a wonderful bonus; it's about enjoying the process of making and giving. Lest we forget that we don't have to be people pleasers working with fibres on firm deadlines. No matter when a scarf, hat, blanket or amigurumi is finished, the new owner will love and cherish it. It's more thoughtful and carries more meaning than a commercially produced gift. Moral of the story, whatever your project may be, always remember why you started, and don't get bogged in the details and dates.

♥ Natalie of Nattypat Crochet



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