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Vancouver, BC

Nattypat Crochet specializes in crochet patterns of amigurumi that are quick to make, realistically shaped, and lovingly designed to mimic nature’s cutest critters.


Spring Clean with Crochet

Nattypat Crochet

As we’re approaching the end of winter, you may be starting to think about that wonderful task, spring cleaning. Perhaps you’ve already pulled out your crochet dish cloths and started scrubbing. For me, the beginning of spring is not just an invitation to clean house, but also to polish up my yarn and craft supplies. If I don’t try to get my crafty stash under control at least once a year, I will definitely end up with tidbits lying about, staring at me screaming, “Why have you not used me yet?! WHY?! I want to be made into something!” *Yes, in my world craft supplies do indeed talk to me and they are all drama queens. I don’t consider it healthy, it’s just what happens.

This year, peering into my many bins, cupboards and drawers, I’ve noticed that there is way too much of the usual suspects—miscellaneous yarn balls and bags of fibre set aside for projects I’ve long forgotten about—but also a few crafty strangers hanging about. Given that I know I’m addicted to yarn and that this part of the stash won’t decrease quietly, this year I’m going to focus on those unusual suspects. So let’s see what I’ve got…

  • leather pieces and cording
  • seed beads
  • buttons
  • wire
  • twine/hemp/paper raffia
  • rope

While you never know when these items could come in handy, having too much of a good thing, say 10,000 seed beads for example, could result in beads stuck to the bottom of your feet and strewn about the floor. It happens, but it can be avoided.

Let’s take a look at some project photos (with links to sources) that can help use up these supplies. While each project may not look like crochet, I assure you that they all are. I simply wouldn’t want to craft any other way.

*Note: Nattypat Crochet is not affiliated with any of the projects featured in any way—they’re just cool projects that I’d like to make.


Tote bag by   jessyz   / Soled slippers by   Kathryn Ivy   / Leather cuff by   TwistedKsJewelry

Tote bag by jessyz / Soled slippers by Kathryn Ivy / Leather cuff by TwistedKsJewelry

Seed Beeds

Spiral Bead Necklaces by   Helen   / Indian-inspired   bracelet   / Bead crochet by   HookHound

Spiral Bead Necklaces by Helen / Indian-inspired bracelet / Bead crochet by HookHound


Button slippers by   WhiteNoiseMaker   / Necklace by   Tonyautkina   / Buttons by   By Number 18

Button slippers by WhiteNoiseMaker / Necklace by Tonyautkina / Buttons by By Number 18


Wire Bracelets by   Yoola   / Solomon’s Knot Bracelet by   Vashti Braha   / Wire coil found on   Pinterest

Wire Bracelets by Yoola / Solomon’s Knot Bracelet by Vashti Braha / Wire coil found on Pinterest


Twine Heart by   Dee Levang   /   Churchmouse Yarns   Hemp Baskets / Raffia Bag by   Maize Hutton

Twine Heart by Dee Levang / Churchmouse Yarns Hemp Baskets / Raffia Bag by Maize Hutton


Craft Passion   Rope Basket / Rope Vase by   Gédane   of Happy DIY (French) / Rope Rug by  WhollyKao

Craft Passion Rope Basket / Rope Vase by Gédane of Happy DIY (French) / Rope Rug byWhollyKao

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, take a peek at what you’ve got stashed away that isn’t yarn and figure out how you can crochet with it!

♥ Natalie of Nattypat Crochet



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