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Vancouver, BC

Nattypat Crochet specializes in crochet patterns of amigurumi that are quick to make, realistically shaped, and lovingly designed to mimic nature’s cutest critters.


Stitching Up 2012 & Beyond

Nattypat Crochet

With another year gone, it’s time to reflect on the accomplishments of 2012 and the never ceasing project queue for 2013. From failed project attempts and random amigurumi body parts strewn about, to the technical achievements of building a new and learning new crochet techiques, 2012 was a year for my record book. It may not have been perfect—I am still searching for a new full-time job and I have many uncompleted works-in-progress (WIP)—but nonetheless it has been a year of changes. Never be afraid of change.

At the close of 2012 I have many, many things to take pride in. My personal life has reached a new level of contentment thanks to two great additions to my life—my boyfriend and my new dog. I have begun to redefine myself professionally, abandoning a nine to five job in the magazine industry in favour of new prospects. Trying to forge a full-time career in graphic design, I am hunting in job forums and sending resumes continually. In this economy it’s not easy, and in graphic design it’s never easy to begin with, but it’s in motion. Thanks to continual support from my family and friends, I’m staying optimistic. Take a peek at my design portfolio.

Here, at Nattypat Crochet, you’ve witnessed (at least I hope you’ve taken notice!) of all the changes. Months of painstaking efforts were put into technically editing my existing crochet patterns thanks to several endeavors and a tech editing for crochet course taught by Edie Eckman at the Santa Clara Stitches West conference in February. Edie, if you’re listening, a sincere thanks for the knowledge you shared. Crochet isn’t an easy gig to get into on a professional level; it takes learning from a master. Still searching to perfect my hooking skills, I enrolled in the Crochet Guild of America’s master program. Soon they will be marking my portfolio of swatches; I can’t wait till I’m at the top of queue. I also started teaching crochet at two local Michaels stores, placing myself back into the mind of the crochet novice and re-remembering all the little tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Finally, a meeting with Laurie Wheeler of the Crochet Liberation Front reminded me of why I started designing crochet patterns in the first place—crochet has no creative limitations and new technology means an independent small business is more accessible than ever before.

With the patterns edited, I focused on expanding and learning to film and produce my own video tutorials. I never thought I’d end up with what I achieved and for that I owe a great deal to my film-loving boyfriend and the countless people who took a look at the beta Bet they’re glad they aren’t seeing me furrow my brows anymore ;).

“Creativity is nothing without action.”

As I write this, I am listening to the severely annoying sounds of roofers ripping shingles off my family home and dreaming of a home of my own. I have goals and I will reach them. Creativity is nothing without action. To each of you, I challenge you to pick up a hook, paintbrush, computer mouse, or another creative weapon of choice, and to act. Don’t allow yourself to stagnate; satisfy the soul.

Here we are—2013. I have many things in store for you and will prove that “13″ is a lucky number indeed. I will be climbing the self-publishing mountain and publishing a Nattypat pup book. I expect to fall down a couple of crevasses along the way, but that’s okay with me. I have had an enormously creative holiday season and have plans for new non-amigurumi pattern series. And, thanks to excellent Christmas presents, I’m learning to tunisian crochet and to weave. Clearly my hands are going to have trouble keeping up with my plans. As always, I’ll be thriving off your support and well wishes. Get your crochet hook out and join me. Share your plans for 2013.

♥ Natalie of Nattypat Crochet



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